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It sounded fantastic to me, and I got many compliments. This article originally appeared in VG August issue. TRGuyMar 27,

All four are built using the same single circuit board in the same aluminum chassis, and therefore have more in common than not. As a result, these two boast the same controls and features, differing only in their output tubes and variously sized transformers.

The backside presents speaker outs, a single TRS jack for series effects loop, casino games for parties footswitch jack, and the standby switch. Curiously, the power switch is on the front, which seems a little inconvenient from a gigging perspective. The user can pull one 6SN7 for half power, although rebiasing is advised for extended half-power use.

The compact, cube-like cabinet houses a 12" Eminence The Wizard speaker, and makes up in depth what it lacks in width and height to fill out the low end. Unleashed casino amplifiers a Fano JM6 with Ps and a Grosh Set Neck with humbuckers, this combo proved robustly vintage sounding, although the reverb exhibited some dissonant overtones and its decay would start off casino amplifiers, even on the lowest settings, then die unnaturally quickly.

Fuchs tells us that this was caused by the reverb clock starting at an incorrect frequency, and it only applied to some early production models. Otherwise, the Four Aces performed as it should, offering decent headroom for a low-wattage design, though even the Clean channel segued into juicy breakup pretty early on the dial. The overall voice is an interesting blend of push-pull Class AB tautness and triode-output-tube casino amplifiers and give.

The OD Tone control is a real bonus as it broadly shapes the core voice, irrespective of EQ settings, to rock you from Casino amplifiers to Fullerton and several points in between. A total blast for the bedroom player, the Four Aces makes a great studio tool, and with this sensitive Eminence speaker and the bigger-than-expected soundstage from the harmonically rich ODS-style preamp, it stands a good chance of keeping up with a drummer, too.

In this format the same preamp used in the Four Aces translates to a tighter, more contemporary performance. The reverb sounds better on this amp, perhaps functioning more as it should, although many might still miss the watery sproing of traditional springs.

Also, a global master could make this bigger amp more versatile, allowing you to dial in a little more bite from the Clean channel if needed. As is, your clean tone is somewhat at the mercy of your volume restrictions, although it sounds stellar at all settings. All in all, though, the Full House is a muscular, dynamic performer that punches above its weight casino amplifiers and would be a great candidate for gigs where you need a lot of clean range along with rich high-gain tones in a package that is suitable for stages of any size.

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Andy Fuchs is an authority in the world of guitar amps. One of It offers a little more clean headroom than some of its siblings in Fuchs' Casino series – not the. The all-hollowbody Epiphone Casino can be heard on many of the and "howl" of the feedback by turning the Casino away from an amp or. I've never had an electric guitar that isn't a solidbody and have never played or listen in person to a P pickup through a good tube amp. I'm.